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2013 CougCenter Podcast, Episode 13: Is 2013 Austin Apodaca's only chance to start?

We also explore the idiocy that is Ed Rush and his now public comments about encouraging referees to assess Arizona coach Sean Miller a technical foul.


Technical issues be damned, we finally got the podcast up and running. Its been a few weeks but we're still going to talk about football. Not that anyone really has a problem with that, I'm sure.

Our resident Air Raid expert Brian Anderson stops by to explain something I hadn't really thought of before: could this be Austin Apodaca's only opportunity to start? Plus, Brian outlines what Connor Halliday needs to do to improve and solidify this position as the starting quarterback.

One of our other resident experts, Mark Sandritter, will touch on whether the Cougars are in any trouble when it comes to their scholarship situation.

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