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Toni Pole cited by police for giving false information

Toni Pole was cited for a gross misdemeanor after he allegedly provided Pullman police with a false name and birth date.


Washington State defensive tackle Toni Pole was cited by Pullman Police on Saturday after he allegedly provided police with a false name and birth date when police were responding to a noise complaint.

According to Christian Caple's report, police responded to a noise complaint on Saturday night and issued Pole a warning. At that time, he gave officers a false name and birth date. When police responded to a second noise complaint at the same location later that night, the officer recognized Pole and realized he had given false information earlier so he was cited. Making a false statement is a gross misdemeanor in Washington.

As for what this means for Pole football wise, it's tough to say at this point. According to Caple, a WSU spokesman said the team will handle the matter internally. Lying to police wouldn't seem to fall under one of Mike Leach's three rules for automatic dismissal, but who knows. My guess is Pole will remain on the team, Leach and everyone else will decline to comment and this will be the last we hear of it.