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Prelims for the greatest moment in WSU athletic history

The authors will narrow the list down in the CougCenter podcast this week before the Cougar public takes the vote next week.

Hey there good lookin' Photo Courtesy WSU Athletic Communication
Hey there good lookin' Photo Courtesy WSU Athletic Communication

It's the summer time which means there is little in the way of WSU athletics news going on. With nothing else to really worry us on that front, it's the perfect time to talk about some other topics.

When I was in Pullman a couple of weeks ago, my old roommate and I got to reminiscing about our favorite sports moments while we were at WSU. It took nearly 45 minutes of shouting over what seemed to be more expensive drinks than I remember at Valhalla before we finally realized we'd never agree on something.

Despite our tiff, it gave me an idea. Forgot just my four year span late in the last decade, what about the entire history of Washington State? What is the greatest moment in the school's athletic history?

Remember, what we're considering is a single moment from inside of a game or event. Not an entire performance within a game (a la Rueben Mayes vs. Oregon) but just, for lack of a better term, one shining moment.

Later this week, myself and a few of the other CougCenter editors and authors will narrow the list below down to five in another fine edition of the CougCenter podcast. After that, it'll go exactly how the Kathi Goertzen Coug of the Year vote went. We'll highlight each of the finalist and then let you make the final decision. Yes, we're leaving this in your very capable hands which seems to be the most reasonable move. We think.

Here's your preliminary list which we're sure won't cause any bellyaching on anyone's part , in no particular order, for the greatest moments in WSU history:

-Jeshua Anderson wins third NCAA hurdles title

-Bledsoe to Bobo in the 1992 Apple Cup

-Daven Harmeling's dagger vs. Gonzaga

-Taylor Rochestie's game winner vs. ASU

-Mark Pleis' interception to ice the 1982 Apple Cup

-Rien Long's tackle for a loss to push USC out of field goal range in 2002

-Ryan Leaf to Kevin McKenzie to take a lead in the Rose Bowl

-Alex Brink to Brandon Gibson to win 2007 Apple Cup

-Leon Bender on 4th down against UCLA in 1997

-Chris Jackson's TD reception in the 1997 Apple Cup