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Hot Cougar Action: Cougar Crimson Ale on the way

We normally leave the beer conversations for the off topic fan posts, but when the beer has a WSU connection, it makes the HCA.

WSU researchers are brewing beer. I repeat WSU researchers are brewing beer. While there is a 98 percent chance that news caused Craig to immediately apply for grad school, it is also true. As it turns out, there is a way to make beer sound very scientific, via KIMATV:

Scientists at WSU's Irrigated Agriculture Research and Extension Center (IAREC) in Prosser are investigating the ways agronomic practices, including irrigation, plant nutrition and pest and disease management, affect hop yields and, just as important, the brewing quality of hops, according to Douglas Walsh, professor and integrated pest management coordinator.

"We will be the research bridge between the brewer and Washington state hop growers in developing the production practices that help the growers deliver hops with the optimal properties desired by brewers," he said.

Here are the very important beer details of what has been dubbed "Cougar Crimson Ale":

Henderson and Groenendale also received advice on choosing combinations of grains and hops to make a tasty, balanced beer when creating a new recipe. Henderson is putting these ideas to the test now in her recipe for the new Cougar Crimson Ale.

"It will be an IPA (India pale ale)-style beer with a natural red coloration from the grains I am using to make it. No food coloring needed," she said. "I will be hopping it with whole, dried hop cones grown and harvested right here at the Prosser research station. Here's hoping my tasters enjoy it."

The article doesn't mention whether the beer will be sold, or just used for scientific purposes. Regardless, I think we all know somehow who would be an obvious candidate to be a tester ... Baxter. Hey WSU researchers, if you want some real feedback, ship some of your beer to Vermont and let the world's only beer-reviewing Peekapoo help you out.


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