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The CougCenter Podcast, Episode 15: Naming the greatest moment finalists

Some of the CougCenter minds try to cut the nominee list of 10 in half for the voting of the people in a week and a half.

Its been a while since our last edition of the CougCenter podcast but without too much to report/talk about, we haven't really had a need to have one. Now, we do.

You saw the 10 nominees for the great moment in WSU athletic history earlier this week. But, alas, not all of them can make it to the finals. I couldn't just narrow the list down myself though, I needed some help from my CougCenter compatriots. Kyle Sherwood, Jeff Nusser and Kyle Rancourt were kind enough to step in. We thought this would be easy but as it turns out, we were wrong. So wrong in fact, well, have a listen.

Note: I apologize for the much worse than usual audio, we recorded this through our laptop microphones in a Google+ Hangout. And the fan you hear in the background is my computer struggling to keep up with both the chat and record.

Note #2: You may have noticed a new podcast format below. We've gone to Soundcloud thanks to a lot of help from Luke Zimmerman and the crew at SB Nation. I really can't say enough about how much of a help they were. This will be a much better player going forward but there might be some issues with the upload to the iTunes page while I try to work the kinks out. Either way, this is so much slicker and will work out much better for us in the long run and hopefully you like it better as well.