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Teondray Caldwell could face assault, burglary charges stemming from April 28th incident

The sophomore-to-be and other unnamed football players were denied entry to a party when Caldwell allegedly struck a man on the porch.

William Mancebo

It hasn't been the best week for Washington State football players and relations with the local authorities. After defensive tackle Toni Pole was cited for giving false information, KQQQ is reporting running back Teondray Caldwell could be facing assault and burglary charges.

Caldwell and some teammates were allegedly denied entry to a party on April 28th on College Hill. After the rebuff, the running back is accused of striking a man on the porch. Britton Ransford at says Pullman Police confirmed the arrest of Caldwell on May 7th in connection with the incident. He has not been charged but he'll be in Whitman County Superior Court hearing tomorrow morning for his first appearance. Bill Stevens told Ransford what he always tells the media in these situations: the team will handle it internally. It's unknown what legal penalty Caldwell could be facing since he hasn't appeared in court.

Assault isn't necessarily one of Leach's three pillars for getting kicked off the team instantly. Burglary also doesn't necessarily mean you're stealing something so we'll wait and see what Leach will do if the potential charges hold up. Either way, two arrests inside of a fortnight is not a good start to the summer.

Update: This from Caple.

To make sure we're clear here: doesn't mean Caldwell won't face charges.