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It's time to vote for the greatest moment in WSU athletics

We narrowed the list down to six finalists and now it's up to you to pick a winner.


The process hasn't been very long but it has been a hard one, more difficult than we first thought. Just getting the list of potential greatest moments down to 10 nominees was difficult enough but as you heard in the podcast, getting it down to five finalists proved impossible. Instead, we could only get rid of four nominees to get to a list of six finalists.

Each and every one of these moments is worthy of acknowledgement on their own. In fact, I outlined the reasons why each is worthy of a vote. It will make this decision for you, the voter, all the more difficult. This is now in your very capable hands.

The voting is now underway and will continue until Thursday night at 8 p.m. when it'll be closed and the winner will be announced on Friday morning. We could've named the greatest moment on our own but I'm a fan of this whole democracy thing.