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The voters have spoken: Bledsoe to Bobo is the greatest moment in WSU history

This result wasn't entirely unexpected and it was already the greatest moment to most. Now though, it's official.

Photo Courtesy WSU Athletic Communications
Photo Courtesy WSU Athletic Communications

It's probably fair to say the result of this vote was a foregone conclusion from the beginning. But we couldn't just declare one moment the winner without the input of a lot more Cougar fans than just those on this site. So we asked you to choice the greatest moment in WSU history and you went with the one we thought you would: Bledsoe to Bobo in the 1992 Apple Cup.

The other five nominees didn't even come close with Bledsoe to Bobo taking home 45 percent of the vote. Next closest and taking home the silver medal is Leaf to Jackson in the 1997 Apple Cup with 22 percent of the vote. Taylor Rochestie's game winner vs. ASU barely cracked double digits at 11 percent. Everyone else was in single digits with Leon Bender's 4th down stop vs. UCLA notching up seven percent of the vote while Rien Long's stops against USC in 2002 grabbed seven percent but got one less vote than Bender. Mark Pleis brought up the rear with just four percent of the votes.

A big congratulations is due to both Drew Bledsoe and Phillip Bobo for providing us the most iconic moment in school history.