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HCA: Monday morning trivia

MLB Draft trivia? MLB Draft trivia!


The MLB Draft may not get the attention of its NFL or NBA counterparts, but that won't stop the MMTQ from diving into some draft history.

Q1: Who was the last WSU player selected in the first round of the MLB Draft*?

Q2: The Mariners have selected the most WSU players, but which organization has drafted the second most?

*We're talking the June regular draft, secondary drafts are not included for either question.

Pac-12 Football:

Athlon's Pac-12 thoughts - Pac-12 Blog - ESPN
The college preview magazines are hitting bookstore shelves now, and Athlon's was kind enough to mail me its Pac-12 preview, thereby creating another reason for me not to stand up.

Football recruiting:

In case you missed it last night, the Cougars added an offensive lineman to the 2013 recruiting class.


WSU Football Recruiting: Devonte McClain, JC OL, joins Class of 2013 - CougCenter
Coach Leach wasn't quite finished adding to this year's roster. Devonte McClain, a 6'4 275-pound left tackle out of the College of San Mateo announced via twitter he had gone crimson.