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HCA: Elliott Bosch, Deone Bucannon headed to media day

I hope Deone Bucannon and Elliott Bosch have their cliches down because they will be the two players representing WSU at media day in July.


Every year each Pac-12 team sends two players -- as well as the head coach -- to Pac-12 media day. Last year Jeff Tuel and Travis Long represented WSU and it will be another pair of seniors representing Washington State this year as center Elliott Bosch and safety Deone Bucannon will head to LA to answer a lot of questions from the assembled media.

Bosch and Bucannon are logical choices as both are well spoken and were frequent selections for Tuesday media sessions last season. Darryl Monroe would have been another excellent choice, but WSU typically picks a pair of seniors to take the trip. By announcing the selection now, Bucannon and Bosch will have time to perfect their Travis Long people's eyebrow in case anyone refers to Mike Leach as Mike Price again.


In addition to the media day in Los Angeles, the Pac-12 coaches will once again take a trip to Bristol, Connecticut to go through the ESPN car wash. On the surface media days can be a little boring, but they are also the unofficial start to football season so ... woo media days!


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