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The CougCenter Hour premieres Wednesday at 6 p.m.

We're making CougCenter history on Wednesday when we embark on our first live broadcast through Blog Talk Radio.

Carl Winston's mom: great hugger, CougCenter Hour fan.
Carl Winston's mom: great hugger, CougCenter Hour fan.
William Mancebo

Something we've been itching to do since the CougCenter podcast made a triumphant comeback at the beginning of the year was finding a way to host a live one. We did a whole lot of research but the problem was most of the services were premium a.k.a. pay-us-money-to-host. As much as we love our community, well, we don't love you THAT much.

All that changed a short time ago. Thanks to a lot of hard work from the guys at SB Nation, we struck a deal with Blog Talk Radio to host as many live shows as we so please.

So what's the difference between the old podcast and the live show? Other than the fact that this is obviously live, not much. I'll still be hosting, we'll still have guests and we'll still have the same segments. After the show is over, we'll upload it to the site for later listening at your leisure. The best part though: you don't have to go to a third party sight to listen. We embed the player right here to make things even easier on you. Other best part: you can call in and voice your opinions or yell at me for mine.

For the rest of the summer, we'll be going every other week and shortening them to 30 minutes. Once we get into football season, we'll be doing a full hour each and every week. We're pretty excited about this and hope you guys are as well. We'll throw up a post with everything you need to know about the episode and the player Wednesday morning.