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It's time for the first CougCenter Hour

We're going live for the first time ever. Disaster is sure to ensue.

The CougCenter Hour is starting??? YEAH!
The CougCenter Hour is starting??? YEAH!

Under normal circumstances, we'd be posting a podcast for your consumption at the beginning of a Wednesday. Instead, we're breaking barriers here at CougCenter. We're going live for the first time with the CougCenter Hour.

Alright, so there's a slight fib in the name for the first show. We're only doing 30 minute shows until football season kicks off but once we get into the throws of fall camp, you can count on an hour every Wednesday night.

We're going live at 6 p.m. to talk about some football scheduling and the uproar over morning jocks in Atlanta openly mocking Steve Gleason's condition. We're also inviting, for the first time ever because recording a podcast didn't really make this easy or conceivable, your telephone calls on either topic. You can call in to (347) 324-3857 .

As they say in the radio business, if you put that on the radio, people will listen. Not really sure why I put that there but it's one of my favorite Family Guy quotes. Listen in the embedded player below or at our Blog Talk Radio site, both are fantastic options. You can also tweet questions with #cougcenterhour or email us as

Listen to internet radio with The CougCenter Hour"> on BlogTalkRadio

EDIT: Here's the archived show. Enjoy!