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HCA: No NBA championship for Aron Baynes

First LeBron James denied Aron Baynes of an Olympic gold medal. Now, he denied him an NBA Championship. LeBron James is a bully.

I'm coming for you next year LeBron
I'm coming for you next year LeBron
Matt Roberts

The NBA season came to an end Thursday night and by winning Game 7, LeBron James and Co. denied Aron Baynes of a championship ring.

Baynes signed with the Spurs during the season and while he didn't play a significant role, and was in a suit for Game 7, he was still in line to take home a championship. To make matters worse, there was this:

Baynes' breakaway dunk no longer being on the Internet is a crime. Anyone with information relating to the missing video is asked to call local authorities. Or be a pal and re-upload it to YouTube.

A sad day all around for all of Baynes Nation.


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