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HCA: Mike Leach on the radio

Mike Leach was on the radio and he managed to mention something about grenades and predict a bowl game in less than three minutes. Efficient!

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Tony Medina

It's been a while since we've heard Mike Leach on the radio, but the Cougars head coach was on SiriusXM on Friday.

Leach joined Mark Packer on SiriusXM College Sports Nation and while you won't be able to hear the full interview without a subscription, there is a short cut up available online. Leach covers a lot of ground in the three minute clip, including a general overview of the Pac-12, the Cougars opening with road games at Auburn and at USC and expectations for the season.

Leach was quotable as usual, including describing one offensive line scheme where "one grenade can kill everybody." The clip ends with Leach talking expectations and a quote that may catch the eye of a few people.

"I always expect to go to a bowl and I expect this team to go to a bowl."

Okay then.


Pac-12 future power rankings - Stanford Football Blog - ESPN
10. Washington State: Recruiting to Pullman has been, and probably always will be, a challenge. Upgraded facilities should help. And the Pac-12 blog still thinks Mike Leach will bring the Cougars back to the postseason in the next few years. But maintaining a consistent program that competes for titles every season is going to be tough -- especially in the North.

Pac-12 Power Rankings: The Wide Receivers - House of Sparky

Washington State can hurt you in a variety of ways. (I bet that's something you didn't expect to read this year.) What the Cougars lack in the running game, they make up for through the air as they have six legitimate options to throw to.

Cougar Football Adds Devonte McClain to 2013 Signing Class - The Washington State University Official Athletic Site

PULLMAN, Wash. - Washington State University football signed offensive lineman Devonte McClain to a Financial Aid Agreement, head coach Mike Leachannounced Friday.

NFL/NBA drafts:

Emory University did a couple of studies on schools abilities to turn high school talent into NBA and NFL draft picks. WSU checked in at dead last for the NFL study from 2007 to 2012, but fared better in the 2013 NFL study and the 2002-2011 NBA study.