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HCA: Monday morning trivia

Today, it's all about championships.


As you may know, Aron Baynes came up just shy of winning a NBA championship ring. Baynes' close call and his role with the Spurs in the Finals (or lack thereof) leads into today's two questions.

Q1: Name the last WSU players to be on a team which won a NBA Championship, a World Series and a Super Bowl. It's important to note that they simply had to be on the roster and get a ring, not necessarily play in the game.

Q2: Name the last WSU players to play in a NBA Finals game, a World Series game and a Super Bowl.

We're obviously not talking about one player who has done all three, but instead the last player from the NBA, the last from MLB and the last from the NFL. The questions are also limited to players only, so no coaches, executives, bat boys, etc.

Football recruiting:

Another WSU target off the board, this time it's Andrew Celis who committed to Nevada.


Prep football: Marin Catholic wideout Celis verbally commits to Nevada - Marin Independent Journal
Celis, who will be a senior this fall, chose Nevada's scholarship offer over those from a list of other schools that included Boise State and Washington State.