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HCA: Some very depressing recruiting rankings

WSU's recruiting history is well ... not so good. That includes even many of the highest-rated ones.

WSU Athletic Communications

With one quick look at WSU's win/loss record over the last decade, you can probably tell the Cougars haven't had much success recruiting. Not being able to lure highly-rated recruits to Pullman has been part of the problem, but the ones who have come haven't exactly been stars.

Jack Follman of Pacific Takes took a look at WSU's highest-rated recruits since 2002 and oh man it is not a pretty list. Before we get to the ugly details, it's important to note that Follman based the list off the highest-rated players, not the ones who had the most success at WSU. Have four stars next to your name coming out of high school? You probably made the list.

You can read Follman's reasoning behind each selection and how much success -- or in most cases the lack of -- they had while at WSU. Here are the 10 to make the cut.

1. Terry Mixon

2. Randy Estes

3. Michael Bumpus

4. Brandon Rankin

5. Andy Mattingly

6. Aaron Dunn

7. Tyler Bruggman

8. Charles Dillon

9. Tyron Brackenridge

10. C.J. Mizell

What a depressing list.

by Craig Powers on Jun 27, 2013 | 7:14 AM reply



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