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HCA: A closer look at letters of intent and early signing periods

Decommitments, pulled scholarships, "mutual" partings and more!

William Mancebo

If I made a list of topics related to college sports which I like to talk about the least, players decommiting and schools pulling scholarships would be near the top. There isn't much middle ground, someone is always made out to be a villain and the conversations typically turn into a lot of nonsense.

With that in mind you may think I wouldn't focus one of the daily links posts on the very subject. Well I am and you can blame Christian Caple. Caple wrote two articles on Friday --one on letters of intent and the other on an early signing period -- and both are worth the time to read.

Sudden recruiting changes have been popular topics on CougCenter recently with Mike Leach being banned from a high school for pulling a scholarship and the situation with Tanner Lancona. Caple's letters of intent piece touches on the Lancona situation in a little more depth, but gives a very good overview of the process and includes quotes from a few key figures at WSU.


Divided opinions on early signings - - June 29, 2013
In the most perfect of basketball worlds, Washington State coach Ken Bone said, his recruiting classes each year would be finalized during November’s early-signing period, and the rest of the season would be spent focusing on his own team.

Letters of intent, not of guarantees - - June 29, 2013
The tattoo has since been modified, and Sean Lancona says you can’t really see it when he wears his watch, anyway.


I was apparently asleep at the switch when more over/unders were released last week, but WSU was pegged at 4.5 if you are interested in such things.


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