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HCA: Hopes and concerns for 2013

What are you hoping for and what concerns you most next season?


The ESPN Pac-12 blog wrapped up their hope and concern series on Thursday with Kevin Gemmell taking a closer look at WSU.

In the video below, Gemmell makes the case that WSU could make considerable progress offensively with improved quarterback play and a solid group of wide receiver. As for the concern, Gemmell went with the secondary, which has had some issues in the past.

Gemmell's picks are solid, but they aren't the only options. If I chose one thing to be hopeful for, it would be the front seven is as good as I think it can be and makes up for any deficiencies the secondary has. As for a concern, the easy one is, despite an influx of bodies, the offensive line still has major issues.

What about you, what are your hopes and concerns heading into the season?


Video: Hope and concern -- Washington St. - Pac-12 Blog - ESPN
The Cougars will be looking for progress in Year 2 under Mike Leach. But the secondary play has to improve.


This may be a stretch, but it's partially WSU related.


Ehlo steps down after two seasons with EWU | Spokane
CHENEY -- After two seasons as an assistant coach for the Eastern Washington University men’s basketball program, Craig Ehlo has stepped down, EWU head coach Jim Hayford said Thursday.