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46 days to football: Which incoming player are you most excited about?

WSU has a lot of incoming players, who ware you most excited to see play?

When there is no related photo, use an awesome one.
When there is no related photo, use an awesome one.
WSU Athletic Communications

College football can have a bit of an "out with the old, in with the new" feel each season. A once heralded recruit is now an afterthought as a redshirt freshman while the members of the incoming class are the greatest thing since ... last year's class.

Despite everything I just wrote, there are reasons to look forward to seeing the incoming class join the roster. Who will be the next Marquess Wilson or Travis Long and make an instant impact as a freshman? Will the highest-ranked players be as good as advertised? Will there be any diamond in the rough types?

With that in mind, today's discussion topic is which incoming player are you most looking forward to watch play?

Tyler Bruggman is the sexy pick. A Mike Leach picked quarterback with 4-stars next to his name. But, there is also a very good chance Bruggman doesn't play this season. I would expect Vince Mayle to receive a lot of votes as a lot of fans seem to be enamored by his potential.

If I had to pick one player, I would go with another junior college recruit and take Ivan McLennan. McLennan is big, fast and should play right away. He flashed in the spring game and while there is a lot of hype around him right now, he seems like the most-likely candidate to pull a Jerome Harrison and be a stud from Day 1. Hopefully if that happens, he isn't underutilized like Harrison was to start his WSU career.

McLennan is my pick, who are you most looking forward to?