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Highlights from Mike Leach's chat

Mike Leach's day at ESPN included a chat on, here are some of the highlights.

Tony Medina

Mike Leach created quite the stir when he said the bottom of the Pac-12 was better than the bottom of the SEC during an appearance on First Take, but that was only the beginning of his day. He and a few other Pac-12 coaches also made a stop on for a chat. You may be shocked to hear he had a few amusing things to say.

The highlights can be found below and the complete chat can be found here.

Chris (LaLaLand)

Coach Leach, were you the one that recommended the Oakley's to Kliff Kingsbury?

Mike Leach (10:33 AM)

No, I'm not. Utmost respect for Oakley, I'm a Costa Del Mar guy. I've had a relationship with them since I was an assistent at Oklahoma.

In case you were wondering what type of sunglasses Leach wears, which you obviously were.

Phillip (A stadium near you)

Coach Leach, how many plays do you think is the right amount in a game?

Mike Leach (10:41 AM)

It depends on the nature of the game. We try to get as many as possible. Between 80-90 is a good number.

WSU ran 78.1 plays per game last season, 31st in the country. It sounds like that number will rise if things go as planned.

Phillip (A stadium near you)

Coach Leach, what do you love most about Pullman?

Mike Leach (10:47 AM)

Just the experience that exists as far as being a college student. Pullman is probably the tighest college town that I've ever been in, to the point where students don't even leave the university on Friday and Saturday nights, because it's so exciting to be around their fellow students. What I remember most about college is the experience I shared with my fellow students. It's more accelerated in Pullman than anywhere I've seen

Way to hog all of the questions Phillip.

Derrick (Chicago)

What do you get asked most often by fans?

Mike Leach (10:36 AM)

Are you Mike Leach?

Mike Leach is the best.

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