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37 days to football: What are you focused on heading into fall camp?

A lot will go on during fall camp, but what one thing are you focused on?

William Mancebo

Heading into fall camp, I usually feel like I have a good sense of the state of affairs and every year I'm shocked by the change. Some players emerge, others fall off. Injuries occur, freshman surprise, etc.

With a week until fall camp, there are plenty of questions yet to be answered. Who will start at quarterback? Will the offensive line improve? Will any newcomers made an immediate impact? How many times will Mike Leach deflect a question about injuries?

All told, there is a lot to focus on and hope for. However, what is the one thing that interests you the most? Maybe you have your eye on Connor Halliday or the offensive line. Personally, I'll be keeping a close eye on the happenings at X receiver. Dominique Williams, Vince Mayle and Kristoff Williams will presumably battle for snaps at the X, in what could be one of the best position battles of camp. Dominique Williams closed the season strong, but can he pick up where he left off? A lot of fans seem to think Mayle will be a difference maker from Day 1. His transition will be especially interesting. Finally, Kristoff Williams has been hyped for four years. He finally started to breakout late last season, will this be the year he puts it all together?

If there was a webcam setup focusing on just the X receivers, I would watch way more of it than I should probably admit.

That's what I'm watching, what's one thing you're looking for?

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