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Part 3: Jerome Harrison Starts 2005 Off With a Bang

In our ongoing series of favorite Cougar moments, Jerome Harrison's two touchdowns in 67 seconds to kick off the 2005 season.

Gregory Shamus

I can imagine why many of you would be puzzled as to why one of my favorite WSU memories takes place during a game against the Vandals, but you must understand the Cougs lost to Idaho TWICE while I was in school. Simply beating Idaho isn't acceptable after going through that debacle. We must win each time by nine touchdowns. And 2005 got off to a start that could live up to that incredible standard.

For those who can't remember the Doba era, let me catch you up: Jerome Harrison went to Pac-10 media day and told anyone who would listen that he would lead the nation in rushing and get 1,800 yards in 2005. Keep in mind 2005 was an 11-game season. While every Coug fan knew the Ghost was talented, not many people outside of Jerome Harrison's direct family thought he'd live up to that kind of goal.

The first game of the season took place on a Thursday night in Pullman, meaning a large portion of the Labor Day crowd was still out in the B-Lot getting one last Pullman Water into their system before having to endure three hours of Idaho's inflatable mascot.

They missed the show.

On the very first play of the game, an otherwise-innocuous slash to the 4-hole resulted in Jerome Harrison 80 yards and a touchdown closer to his lofty goals (also, watch Troy Bienemann's block and try not to cry). And the Cougs weren't done.

The ensuing kickoff saw Dewayne Patterson forcing a fumble, giving WSU the ball immediately back on Idaho's 19 yard line. Side note: If you want your child to grow up and get a job forcing fumbles, name him Dewayne Patterson. How perfect is that?

After a couple plays with Alex Brink trying to get Michael Bumpus and Jason Hill involved, Mike Levenseller dialed up the bread and butter "give the ball to the Ghost" play resulted in Harrison's 2nd touchdown a mere 67 seconds into the 2005 season.

While the first minute and seven seconds saw Jerome Harrison net 84 yards on the ground and a perfect touchdown per carry ratio, the remaining 658 minutes of 2005 resulted in a disappointing 1,814 yards and 14 touchdowns on 306 carries.

Hope that last beer was worth it.