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The CougCenter Hour: A special on the best booze and food for Independence Day

There's not much in the way of Cougar news to talk about so we'll spend the CougCenter Hour telling you all you need to know to make your Independence Day as enjoyable as possible for your gut. It all starts at 6 p.m. PDT.

Baseball and fireworks. 'Murica.
Baseball and fireworks. 'Murica.

Not much of anything is going on with Cougar athletics around this time of the year. With everyone just working out over the summer and recruiting news at a minimum (until the big confluence of recruits in Beaverton at The Opening head home) we had to come up with another topic. It's the 4th of July tomorrow and the United States will be celebrating it's birthday. As with any birthday, you can gorge yourself. But if you're finding yourself wondering what to go with, we've got you covered with the best food and libations to shovel down your esophagus.

We're not the foremost experts on what's good to eat (but we're pretty close. I mean, my gut is a pretty good size) so we'd love to hear your ideas as well. You can call in to (347) 324-3857. You can also tweet questions or suggestions with #cougcenterhour or email us as

As they say in the radio business, if you put that on the radio, people will listen. Not really sure why I put that there but it's one of my favorite Family Guy quotes. Listen in the embedded player below or at our Blog Talk Radio site, both are fantastic options.

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