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HCA: 4th of July links

We celebrate America like everyone should, with links about WSU athletics.

Bob Levey

When I was younger and thought of the 4th of July, I thought of apple pie, baseball, fireworks and America. Now, I just picture Nusser and Preston at a cookout mayonnaising hot dogs.

Fortunately, I was able to gather the morning links without vomiting, despite that image in my head. Today's links are special, not because of it being the 4th of July, but because we have some hot WSU rugby recruiting news. CougCenter: your home for Brett Favre debates, rugby news and mayo on everything.

If you missed it yesterday, or just want to add some awesome to you day, you can listen to the replay of Wednesday's edition of the CougCenter podcast. Craig and Michael talk about food, alcohol and other things.


Does UCLA's home edge top Oregon's? - Pac-12 Blog - ESPN
So which Pac-12 team is decidedly better at home than on the road? Here's our list based on the past three years comparing overall record to home-field record, the final number being the winning percentage difference.

Inside The Bills | Jeff Tuel

Now that doesn’t mean they don’t like what they have in Jeff Tuel. I think they do believe his talents can be further developed. Long range he very well could be a backup to Manuel.


Local athletes compete in All-State football - Marysville Globe
Hoorn will be on the field for Washington State University, but this time it won’t be football. "I’m planning to go to WSU and play some rugby," he said. "I will definitely stay active. I wanted to play rugby because it’s a close translation to football. I was thinking about walking on to the football team, but I need a year off to recoup, I think."