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Mike Leach: Rahmel Dockery will 'make other plans', leaves WSU football

One of WSU's most intriguing in-state recruits in recent memory has decided to play elsewhere.

WSU Athletics Communications

Cornerback Rahmel Dockery has left the Washington State football program, according to Christian Caple. Mike Leach told reporters at the team's Friday scrimmage that Dockery has 'made other plans' to continue his college football career at another school. The news comes after two days of speculation, where Dockery was mysteriously absent from Cougar practice.

A Twitter conversation with WSU quarterback Connor Halliday on Thursday hinted at Dockery's departure:

Dockery was recruited to Washington State as a playmaker--slotted to play at wide receiver. After grayshirting, he came in under a different staff that decided to move him over to defense. The move made sense--WSU has plenty of depth at wide receiver but is lacking at cornerback. 

That move didn't sit right with Dockery, who left the team for a short time in 2012. He told Cougfan during spring camp that he had "embraced" his new role, but that clearly wasn't the case.

The move hurts at a position where WSU is lacking depth and talent, but it is probably best for both parties. Dockery can go find somewhere that makes him happier and WSU no longer has to deal with a less-than-committed player.