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WSU football 2013 fall camp LIVE CHAT

Because a special day deserves a special event. Come armed with questions and witty remarks!

William Mancebo

EDIT: The live chat has concluded, but you can re-read it if you missed it.

Greetings! Fall camp 2013 is upon us, and the day promises to be filled with much celebration as we dream of the possibilities for this year's WSU football team.

The first practice gets underway at 2:40 p.m. PT in Lewiston, Idaho -- we'll carry this chat all the way up through that first practice, passing along any news that pops up along the way. Hit us with your questions about the team and we'll try to answer them as best we can.

To get you prepared, here's what we've published so far today. Feel free to peruse and hit us up with thoughts about any of the following:

While the chat you are about to join will pass along news as it happens, there will be a fair amount of snark, bad humor, and inside jokes. You've been warned.

Submit your questions in the form below.

(You also can open the chat in its own window by clicking here if you're so inclined.)