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TRICK SHOT: WSU cheerleader hits one of the best you'll ever see

Making a three-quarter court shot while doing a back flip ... yeah, that's pretty good!

I have no idea how many times WSU cheerleader Kevin Nebeker tried to hit this shot, but the one make is amazing. And really ... does it make it any less awesome if this is the 50th try? I say no.

There are a lot of trick shots out there. Let's deconstruct -- for just a minute -- why this particular shot is amazing, and better than, say, anything Dude Perfect could put together.

Actually, let's just boil it down to one thing.


I mean seriously ... anyone can get lucky, bouncing a ball off a roof, or a car, or whatever. Give me enough takes, I can probably throw a basketball into some target from some insane angle. However, nearly all of us would kill ourselves if we merely attempted a back flip, let alone made throwing a basketball 60 feet at a target part of the proceedings.

Nebeker wins. Go Cougs!

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