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WSU installing new video board at Martin Stadium

The video board is getting more than moved, it's getting replaced.

There will be a big scoreboard here soon.
There will be a big scoreboard here soon.
WSU Athletics Communications

Martin Stadium will be getting a brand new video board for the 2013 season, WSU announced on Thursday. The board will be installed in the east endzone. The previous screen was removed to make room for the new football operations building. The cost of this project is $3.5 million, according to the Spokesman-Review's Christian Caple.

That last screen was installed in 2008 and said to rival anything in the conference. The installation also spelled the end of the beloved "Dancing Football" touchdown graphic, perhaps a harbinger of the Paul Wulff era offenses.

The new screen will be bigger, measuring 73 feet wide by 36 feet high. That is 112 percent larger than the previous board, according to WSU. The school also says the screen will be high definition--with a resolution of 840 by 1708 pixels per frame.

A video board won't be the only new addition to Martin Stadium this season. A 347-foot long, four-foot tall LED video ribbon will run underneath the premium seating. There will also be a new sound system, perhaps necessary to handle the deep tones of Glenn Johnson's "no gain" call.

Caple provided some images of the construction on his Twitter feed:

All new items will be engineered and installed by Daktronics, the same company that installed the screen in 2008. They've done the same at Wisconsin and Oklahoma, among others.

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