Annoying Opposing Fan Post

I'm mainly a poster on EDSBS but wanted to get some interaction with Wazzu fans.

Wanted to start things off by saying what I know about Washington State.

1. Mike Leach - the minute I heard he was hired by yall I began to be afraid for this game. I think he will do great things for the Cougars. The Dread Pirate is nothing to be messed with.

2- I actually know where Pullman is. Most people in the south think all Washington is Seattle but I know that it is a huge diverse state.

3- The GameDay flag. I know why you do it and it's awesome. Sure I'll see some watching GameDay next week when my alma mater plays Clemson.

4. Fireball Whiskey guy - he is a hero amongst many. Not sure how yall feel about him but that is my biggest memory from Washington State football from last year.

As far as the game itself, I think it will be a very long, very high scoring game. If I was a betting man I would definitely take the Cougs cause there is no way Auburn will win by 15. I haven't been impressed with Auburn's secondary since 2004 and that makes me wary of 4 verts. The fact that it's the 1st game with Malzahn as head coach is both exciting and scary for me as an Auburn fan. The only outcome that will surprise me is if the game is a blowout in either direction.

For people attending the game some things have changed since 06.
New things:
This will be the 1st year Auburn will have bar codes on the tickets for scanning and not just the tear the stub method so there may be longer lines as the system will be fully tested for the first time.

Parking at Auburn is constantly changing and this year is no different so be sure to check out gameday maps from Auburn's website beforehand. A big tip is to just drive/park on whichever side of the stadium you approach town from as a lot of roads near the stadium will be closed.

For any first timers some tips:

  • Be proud of your team. Do not in any way feel like you will be harassed for being a proud Wazzu fan, if anything you will be more respected. You will more often than not be greeted with a "Welcome to Auburn" or "War Eagle". Don't be afraid to ask for directions either.
  • I'm sure there will be a few Cougar tailgates around but if you're just looking for a spot that is air conditioned and has other games on the student union just east of the stadium is a good spot. The only problem is they don't allow alcohol there.
  • We tend to not wear jerseys to the game (except for kids) so don't be thrown off by that. Girls will be in sundresses and guys in polos for the most part, it's just a thing down here.
  • Soak it all in. From lemonade at Toomer's Drugstore at the corner of College and Magnolia (a little overpriced and more tangy than sweet for my taste but it's worth a try) to the new statues of Heisman winners (marvel at how small the heads are). Also make sure you're in the stadium at least 30 minutes before kickoff if you want to see the eagle fly which is kinda cool.
  • The opposing team section is generally in the Northeast corner of the stadium (with some seats in the upper deck) if you've gotten tickets through Washington State. This will give you a great view of the big screen and game in general and there is a nice buffer between you and the student section to make sure no rowdy 20 year olds harass you (not that that's a problem but there's always that 1 guy).

Any other questions just ask.

Looking forward to a great game. War Eagle!

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