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The CougCenter video preview of the Auburn Tigers

CougCenter on Youtube makes its triumphant return as we get you excited for the first game of the year and help you learn a little about the Auburn Tigers.

Basically, the Cougs should probably stop this guy from running very far while carrying a football
Basically, the Cougs should probably stop this guy from running very far while carrying a football

This season I wanted to take the CougCenter YouTube channel to the next level. Yes, Jeff Nusser will still be back bringing you his Three Things segments and breaking down plays this season, but there is so much more we could be doing with it. Well, the first step towards YouTube video domination starts today with the first in a semi-weekly video series that previews the opponent from the next game. I can't promise that It will be a weekly thing, but I can say I'm going to try to have it for all the biggest games going forward.

The first subject is, obviously, the Auburn Tigers. Last season, the Tigers were bad, very bad. Their offense, specifically the passing game, was in shambles and they only managed three wins against some very weak opponents. The offseason brought change and former offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn returned to campus. The video will take a look at the philosophies that Malzahn, and his new defensive coordinator Ellis Johnson, bring to Auburn, the statistics of what actually happened last year and a show you who the Cougs need to stop (Hint: It's Tre Mason) to walk out with a win.

As I mentioned in the video, Brian's defensive preview is here. It's really good and well worth the read. Another link that I found useful is Bill Connelly's Auburn preview from

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This is the first in the preview series, so let me know what you think. What do you want to see out of these videos as they continue? Let me know in these comments, or the comments on the video.

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