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Join the CougCenter Pick 'Em Contest

There are no prizes, only bragging rights. But bragging rights are pretty important!


Fame can be yours if you can win CougCenter's College Football Pick'Em contest!

No, really! If you win it, we'll put your name on this page with our other contest winners so there's your fame. (Sadly, we will be foregoing the "fortune" part of the equation this year, as there will be no prizes.)

Here's how you get in on the action:

  1. If you were in the group last year, you have been sent an email from Yahoo! to join the group again.
  2. If you're new around here, go here and click on "Join a Group." Enter group number 16484 and password rpistillsucks.
  3. IMPORTANT: Use your CougCenter username as the title of your entry. That way we know who is who.
  4. Make your picks.

The fine print:

  • Only one entry per person please.
  • Games to pick each week will be Yahoo's editors' selections, Top 25 games and all Pac-12 games.
  • All picks will be made against the spread (no confidence points or anything like that).
  • You have until 5 minutes before each game to make your pick so you won't be screwed if you miss the first game.
  • We're even going to drop each person's lowest two weeks from the overall standings at the end if you forget a week entirely or start late.
  • Ties for the season winner will be decided by Yahoo's tiebreaker.

I think that's about it. As usual, I look forward to finishing near last place.