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WSU Cougs do it again in Auburn: 'Your fans drank us completely out of beer'

You thought chugging Fireball and drinking all the booze on a plane was impressive.


Washington State alums have always considered themselves to be champion drinkers. Their skill has come to light in the last year--from completely drinking airplanes dry on the way to Las Vegas to chugging Fireball on national television during a football broadcast--Cougs are now known worldwide for their drinking prowess.

Well, Wazzu upped the ante on Friday night in Alabama:

You read that right--WSU fans drank all the beer at Quixote's Bar and Grill in Auburn. Sounds a little far-fetched, right? Drinking all the booze on an airplane is one thing, but a bar? Where they have kegs full of beer? How about some visual proof:

Yep. That is Crown bags covering all the taphandles. Thanks to Myk at, I was able to speak with a bartender at Quixote's to confirm the news.

"Your fans drank us completely out of beer," Brooke the bartender said with disbelief. "We are going to have to close the place down."

I spoke with Brooke at 10:19 p.m. Auburn time. That is almost three four hours before the bar is scheduled to close up shop for the night.

Cougar alum Kailan Dunn experienced it first hand, saying there were "100 Cougs" at Quixotes.

"We had to leave," Dunn added.

Well of course. Cougs are not satisfied with draining one bar dry, they must move on to the next. There may not be enough beer in Alabama if WSU pulls off a victory on Saturday.

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