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The CougCenter Hour, Episode 5: Looking back at a great win and Southern Utah

We look back at the victory formation (seriously, I can't marvel at it enough) in the Los Angeles Coliseum and ahead to the Southern Utah Thunderbirds.

Stephen Dunn

We're going live at 7:00 PM!

Hey, you guys remember that time the Cougars took a knee in the the Coliseum and it wasn't because they wanted to stop the bleeding at half time? Nope, it was because they had a lead and the ball with under two minutes to go in the fourth quarter.

It was so awesome in fact, we'll go over bits and pieces of it. At 7:12, our own Mark Sandritter will be joining us to go over something a little concerning: wide receivers and their targets. Washington State has scored just one passing touchdown this year and actually managed to beat a ranked team away from the Palouse. Yep, wouldn't have guessed that would happen at the beginning of the year.

We'll also tell you who our Dunderhead of the Week is and, as always, we'll leave time at the end for Ask Michael Anything. Don't know where to take a first date? Unsure of the proper etiquette in beer pong? Wondering what the meaning of life is? Just ask! You've got a few ways to do it: you can email us at, leave a comment here or, the easiest way, just get on Twitter and use the hashtag #cougcenterhour. I can guarantee we'll get to everything. Also, if you're so inclined, you can call 347-324-3857.

Edit: It's archived! Have a listen!