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WSU vs. USC: No changes to the Cougars' depth chart

WSU is on track to start the same 22 players for the second consecutive week.

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Damante Horton made this stop, but he appeared suspect at other times.
Damante Horton made this stop, but he appeared suspect at other times.
Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

If you watched Saturday's loss to Auburn and thought to yourself at some point, "Man, Player X really needs to start next week against USC!", it appears you will be disappointed: WSU released its depth chart today, and there are no changes from last week.

It's not a huge shock, since there were no apparent injuries in the game. Still, there are a couple of positions where it seemed a change could be possible.

The first spot is at cornerback, where it appeared Damante Horton didn't have the best game, and true freshman Daquawn Brown looked pretty good. It's always tough to tell how bad a guy really played, because we don't for sure know about specific coverage responsibilities, and in this case, we also don't know if they were told to think run support first and take their chances with getting beat over the top.

The other spot is at BUCK, where Destiny Vaeao was underwhelming. He had just one tackle, despite playing the majority of the snaps at that position. Kache Palacio had a couple of tackles, including a half of a tackle for loss. I have a pet theory that Mike Breske went with this massive line expressly for Auburn and USC -- two teams with suspect quarterbacks who are going to run it a ton.

For now, Mike Breske is sticking with these two. But the percentage of snaps allocated to each of the players will be something to watch on Saturday.

Something else that we now can talk about: Redshirts.

The participation report from Saturday (embedded below with the depth chart) is missing some names of some guys who we assumed were going to play this season: Ivan McLennan, Robert Lewis. Isaac Dotson, Peyton Pelluer and Charleston White. Whether it was just circumstance, injury, or perhaps heading for a redshirt will be something to keep an eye on.

USC Depth Chart/Auburn Participation Report

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