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Mike Leach, Paul Petrino had a friendly chat

Video and a GIF of Mike Leach dropping an f-bomb on Paul Petrino on Saturday night.

William Mancebo

Good morning! If you missed it, Mike Leach and Paul Petrino had a nice little meeting at the 50 yard line following last night's blowout win by Washington State in Pullman. Typically post-game handshakes are brief, cordial affairs -- unless Jim Harbaugh is involved -- but this one certainly wasn't.

First, let's go to the tape:

And there's the GIF:


via BubbaProg

Both coaches gave similar statements to the media after the game, with Leach going a little longer than Petrino:

"That would be strictly between he and I, so anything said between us would be private," Leach said. "So we'll leave it at that."

If one were to guess what Petrino might've said to Leach to prompt the f-bomb -- Leach can be fiery, but the f-bombs are usually prompted by something -- a good place to look is the fourth quarter. With the game in hand and Idaho already taken care of, Washington State still had quite a few starters in on offense, including Connor Halliday -- though Petrino said that wasn't it. Later, as Idaho was driving down the field to, perhaps, get on the board, it appeared Washington State pulled its backups and put in quite a few starters on defense. The defense completed a goalline stand at the one with time running out in the fourth to preserve the shutout -- its first of Idaho since 2003.

Or maybe this is just how Leach greets friends.