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GIF-a-Palooza: All the GIFs from WSU's domination of Idaho

Idaho came into Pullman to renew the Battle of the Palouse on Homecoming weekend. It didn't end well for our friends from Moscow. We have all the GIFs from the dominating win including full coverage of HAND SHAKE GATE 2013.

William Mancebo

Well, at times it wasn't pretty, but in the end, the Cougs came out looking good.

Connor Halliday had a big game with four TD passes, the WSU defense played a world-class game, including a giant goal line stand to end the game (ignore the score, it was giant), and there may have been something at the end of interest to some people (*cough* HAND SHAKE GATE 2013 *cough*.

Enough of the words. You didn't come here to read words. You came here for the moving pictures. All the GIFs from the game are below in chronological order (more or less). Also, when I say "all the GIFs", I mean ALL the GIFs. There are a ton of GIFs below (37 to be exact) and they may take awhile to load. My apologies to you and your bandwidth.

The team came out of the tunnel with what has become a homecoming tradition: flags. I have no idea why we don't do this every game. It looks so awesome.


Idaho won the toss and elected to receive. The first play out of scrimmage? Well, it kinda sets the tone for the whole game.


At the end of the first drive, Idaho tried a fake punt. They lined up in a regular punt formation before motioning the entire right side over to the left side. Then, this happened (But didn't actually because of a false start from one of the protectors):


Idaho coach Paul Patrino is a very angry man. We'll check in on his anger level throughout the game.


The Pac-12 Network prides itself on the technology it uses to broadcast games. Saturday's game was apparently a throwback game because, it appears, they were using a system of old school film projectors to relay the signal from Pullman to San Francisco and into your living room.


WSU's first play out of scrimmage should have been a touchdown, but Halliday threw one of a couple badly overthrown balls of the night. Apparently, the Idaho defense forgot they had to cover EVERY receiver on the field. Seriously, how does a receiver get THAT wide open?


Idaho hadn't had a pass intercepted coming into this game. That all changed thanks to Deone Bucannon


Gabe Marks scored the first TD of the game on a 43 yard pass and catch where he simply outran everyone on the defense.


The Pac-12 Network has been running a commercial with Coach Leach for a while and it's one of the most awkward things you'll see. The combination of his stilted line delivery, his weird quasimodo-esque hunch, and the clearly staged positioning of that ball are bad enough, but that awkward smile for a split second at the end puts the icing on the cake.


I went ahead and isolated and slowed down that awkward smile for your viewing pleasure.


Ioane Guata is all "NOT IN THIS HOUSE!"


Man, Idaho can't get anything started. Things just aren't going Paul Petrino's way. Let's check in on his anger level...


For touchdown number 2, Halliday throws a perfect ball to Dom Williams who shimmys away from a defender into the endzone.


If you listen closely, you can almost hear the "POP" sound as the Cougs force this fumble.


I never, ever want to see Halliday try the jump pass. He's done it before and it has always turned out badly. It worked here for a Mayle TD... But still... I don't like it.


PSA: Chest bumps are a very dangerous game.


While coming on to the field, Chad Chalich either wanted to stop his teammate from leaving the game, or he just wanted a high-five. Well, either way he failed miserable. Good on him keeping on trucking.


Gabe Marks scored again and the Cougs took a 28-0 lead.


And, you know what? A 28-0 lead is cause for celebration.


One of my favorite post-touchdown traditions at Martin Stadium is the students pushing up Butch for every point the Cougs have. I like the call them Butch-ups.


The briefcase the gentleman the camera is inexplicably focused on is carrying is called a football. No! Not that kind of football silly! It's government slang for a briefcase containing nuclear launch codes. What's it doing in Pullman on the Idaho sideline? No idea. But, seeing as how Photoshop crashed twice as I tried to make this GIF, it's clearly the NSA trying to keep the secret from getting to you, the public.


I really hope that you're not reading this late at night. Idaho's mascot, Joe Vandal is probably the creepiest mascot in the history of mascots. This GIF may give you nightmares.


In this GIF, the Idaho QB forgets which way he's supposed to run and Toni Pole makes him pay.


Leon Brooks returns this punt, breaks some tackles and goes beast mode on Idaho in this impressive return.


Paul Petrino isn't the only one who needs to check his anger. This Idaho defensive player takes out his aggressions on a facemask. That wouldn't be so bad, as long as it wasn't on somebody's head.


Rock on drunk Cougar fan wearing a "I put the man in Pullman" t-shirt... Rock on...


Halliday's first pick was on him. Halliday's second was not... But it was a jump throw. Still, it shouldn't have been intercepted.


Here's a look at the replay. The Idaho DB completely lucked into this INT.


After going for it on their own 20, Idaho turns the ball over allowing Jeremiah Laufasa to do this.


That put the Cougs up 35-0 and they'd score again. That didn't make Paul Petrino happy at all. Let's check in on his anger once more... Man, if looks could kill.


Idaho had the ball deep in their own territory with about 8 minutes left. That set up for one of the most suspenseful and dramatic drives in all of football history (in games that were 42-0). Idaho was able to start a drive and get deep in WSU territory. It was helped by this terrible, terrible, terrible roughing the passer call. It was terrible.


Leach didn't like it either. He called a timeout with the sole intention of getting an unsportsmanlike penalty (I assume). The Pac-12 didn't show a replay, but I saw it and he was fired up. So fired up that he put in his 1st team defense who was able to make this big hit.


After an Idaho player went down, in what Leach apparently thought was an attempt to stall the clock, Leach called for a flag. Multiple times.


WSU made the biggest goal line stand in all of 42-0 games in history and won the game. That brings me to the moment you all have been waiting for. The GIFs that most of you have suggested. It's time for GIF-a-Palooza's coverage of HAND SHAKE GATE 2013


Apparently Leach and Petrino were arguing about amphibians as Leach appears to yell, "Hey, Ducks are blue!". As much as it hurts me, I'm going to have to agree with Petrino. They're some sort of green/brown/white combination. Definitely not blue.

This is the GIF that game coverage brought you, but here on GIF-a-Palooza, we strive to delve deeper into the big news. Here is some never before seen (except on the Pac-12 Network post game report (Presented by Dr. Pepper)) footage of the controversial event.


And even another angle!


My favorite part of that last GIF is Bill Stevens at the end. He looks like he's ready to jump in and beat someone up to protect his coach.

That's it for this week. But, because I don't want to leave you on such a controversial note, here's something that's not controversial at all.


Go Cougs indeed.