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Bill Moos' Seattle media blitz

As part of his Seattle game week festivities, Bill Moos sat down with a couple of different Seattle area media outlets in order to spread the gospel of Cougar football. We'll recap his appearances and, as always, bring all the news from all around WSU athletics.


Every year in the run-up to the Seattle game, Bill Moos and WSU athletics hosts a series of events in the area. These include everything from fundraisers to "Burgers with Bill" meetups to chats with Seattle area media. While I would love to bring you first hand knowledge of what kind of cheese Mr. Moos puts on his burger, I can't. What I can bring you is a recap of his recent media appearances.

We'll start with his Seattle Times Live chat:

On next season's schedule:

We will decide on a yearly basis which of our games we will bring to Seattle. Rutgers will be a new member of the Big Ten and the Labor Day weekend match-up should be a good draw. In addition, it allows us to play all of our Pac-12 home games in Pullman so we can showcase our new facilities. Those games will include Arizona, USC, Cal, Oregon and Washington.

On tickets sold for Saturday's game:

Currently we are around 35,000, which is about where we were two years ago when we drew just under 50,000 for our game against Oregon State. In the past, we have experienced the week leading to the game is when a great number of the tickets have been sold.

On his plans for the holiday season:

My calendar is open and I hope you are a prophet because neither Mike Leach nor myself are use to being home for the holidays.

On the plans for the "Crimzone" seats:

The Crimzone, which will make its debut for the 2014 season, will be an exclusive area for the Cougar Marching Band and roughly 500 of our very best student fans. it will be full of avid, crazy fans providing an ever greater home field advantage.

On plans for new jerseys:

We now have several combinations of uniforms, especially in the sport of football. The anthracite gray uniforms and the crimson helmets that we wore last week were a result of more than 12,000 fan votes through our website. We have a few more combinations up our sleeve so stay tuned.

Bill Moos also joined the Wyman, Mike and Moore show in studio (skip to the 23 minute mark of the file unless you want to hear John Clayton talk about Sweet Pea the stripper). Jim Moore wasn't there but it was still a good interview nonetheless. There wasn't much new information, but there was a good quote from Moos responding to Brock Huard's criticism of the end of the Idaho game.

On the impact of the Pac-12 Networks:

The Pac-12 Network and the fact that we now have equal revenue sharing took our TV money from the previous year, $2.8 million, to over $20.5 million. That's how we were able to look at our program, look at our future and invest in facilities, invest in Mike Leach and his staff. All these things are going to pay dividends down the road... Also, the exposure. For Washington State, who had to fight to get onto TV, to be able to know that for a 12 year period when this contract started that literally every football game and men's basketball game will be telecast live and most of them nationally.

On Brock Huard's comments on the handshake kerfuffle:

Huard (recorded): It's 42 to nothing, you're better than them, and now you're going to put your starters in a game to preserve some silly shutout?

Moos: Well, I have a lot of admiration for Brock. He was a great player and a super quarterback, but that comment and the words from my friend Brock sound like a quarterback. If he had played strong-side linebacker or nose tackle, he'd have a different opinion there I think. As I mentioned earlier, this was a defining moment for our defense. We only had 3 or 4 starters in there, but to stop them inside the 2 yard line on 4 straight runs into the line, that really boosted the confidence of a defense that really needed that and it shows that Mike Leach is the defensive coach as well as the offensive coach.

As far as I could find, those are all the media appearances I could find. I'm sure he'll continue to make the rounds and he'll probably make a stop at the Furness and Pucket show on KJR before the week is out too.


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