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The CougCenter Hour, Episode 4: A heartbreaker vs. Auburn but is there a chance for an upset against USC?

The season opener looked like a winnable game for Washington State. We break down what went wrong with Jeff Nusser and Brian Anderson will go over the mechanics of Connor Halliday. We also explore whether officiating was really to blame for the loss and if there's a chance WSU could upset the Trojans on Saturday.

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The CougCenter Hour gets underway at 7:00 p.m.! On the docket for this episode:

Saturday's loss was certainly a heartbreaker for a few reasons, most notably the Cougs looked like the better team on the road in SEC country. But big plays and costly mistakes gave the game away (could be said for any loss but we digress) and we'll talk about what happened and why with Jeff Nusser. Our fearless leader will also help look ahead to the matchup with No. 23 USC Trojans in the Southland this Saturday, the second half of a brutal two game road trip to open the season for WSU.

Brian Anderson will hop on later to go over the 2013 debut of Connor Halliday and whether it was as bad as well all though it was. Was it the same ol' Halliday or did he make some strides from 2012?

We'll also touch on a sensitive subject for Cougar fans: officiating. There were some questionable calls and non-calls against Auburn but did it really change the outcome as some have suggested?

Finally, our Dunderhead of the Week and as always, Ask Michael Anything at the end of the show where no question is off limits.

Want to ask a question for Jeff, Brian or myself? Make a comment, nominate a Dunderhead of the Week or if you're wondering what liquor is best to drink all day to avoid nasty hangovers, you can get in touch with us a few ways. You can leave a comment here, email us at, tweet using the hashtag #cougcenterhour (this is the best way) or call us at 347-324-3857.

Edit: Listen to the archived episode below. Should work on mobile devices as well if you're listening on the go.