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WSU vs USC Football: Lillian's Liquor of the Game

Lillian just found out she was doing this, so she scrambled to find something in her liquor cabinet.

He's Holding a Ritz Cracker.  I would murder each and every one of you for a Ritz Cracker.
He's Holding a Ritz Cracker. I would murder each and every one of you for a Ritz Cracker.

Craig and Baxter are on vacation in Southern California, so we've turned to Baxter's West Coast correspondent, Lillian T. Bulldog.   While there were several beers left over from the Auburn party in her fridge she could've picked, we've decided alliteration is the best way of running things, so Lillian picked a bottle of liquor out of the cabinet.

Time to P(re)-funk

Lillian is drinking your standard Kirkland Spiced Rum, because at last minute's notice is what was available to her.  You'll notice she's already a third of the way through the handle because Big Ten morning games are the worst.  Costco buys their Kirkland rum from the Cruzan distillery in St. Croix.  It's infused with pure cane sugar and distilled five times (which is a lot for rum).  Most importantly, it's $28 a handle, and it's 92 proof, so that means you'll get $*&(&'d up for less money.

Sherwood's Review: This isn't a sipping rum.  I'd prefer a Private Stock or Mt. Gay to this, but mixed with Coke, Orange Crush, Muscle Milk, Clorox, ketchup, whatever your flavor, it blends well.  But no seriously, if you've never had rum and Orange Crush, you're missing out.  Try it.  It's amazing.

Lillian's Review: The old man cries when he drinks.  Also get me out of this jersey.

So that's what we'll be drinking today; likely switching up a growler of Triplehorn Pale from Woodinville around kickoff.  What is on tap for you today?