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Klay Thompson selected to USA Basketball pool

The former WSU basketball player is one of 28 players in the mix to be a part of the 2016 Olympics in Brazil.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

If you've had just about enough of the name of WSU basketball being dragged through the mud, here's a bit of good news for you: Former WSU basketball player Klay Thompson has reportedly been selected to USA Basketball's 28-player pool that will serve as the talent base for the World Cup of Basketball this summer in Spain and eventually the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil.

The pool is split between 14 USA Basketball veterans and 14 newcomers, and Thompson is one of the many newcomers, so it's certainly no guarantee that he'll be part of the final 12-man rosters for either the World Cup or the Olympics.

It's assumed that Thompson is in the pool because of his shooting ability, something incredibly important in the international game because of the shorter three-point line. The interesting thing is that there wasn't really a player like Klay on the 2012 Olympic roster - a 6-foot-7ish wing whose primary skill set is shooting the three-pointer. The closest guy probably was Carmelo Anthony (who is still in the pool).

However, there are a lot of these kinds of players who have been added as newcomers to the current pool -- Thompson, Gordon Hayward, Kyle Korver, Paul George and Bradley Beal -- suggesting coach Mike Krzyzewski is specifically looking for a long-range assassin.

Is Thompson going to be that guy? If you're in the pool, there's always a chance. And a number of newcomers are going to be selected for the World Cup given that only five or six Olympians are expected to play this summer - LeBron James, Anthony and Chris Paul are not playing.

Regardless, pretty cool to be named to the pool in the first place. Congrats to Klay, and Go Cougs!