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Submit your questions for the WSU Sports Judges

Court is almost back in session.


If you remember back to August, the honorable Michael Preston and myself held the first session of the WSU Sports Judges where we ruled on some pressing issues related to WSU athletics, Pullman and more. Well, with the bye week here, another session is on the way and this time we'll be joined by judge Kyle Sherwood.

While we already have a few questionable cases on the docket, we are taking more. This is your chance to get your questions in. Maybe you have a dispute that needs to be settled. Or maybe you'd just like some life advice. Whatever the case may be, ask away.

Where else can you get quality free advice like this?

You decide to attend the November 22 game at ASU. The forecast calls for some unseasonably cool temperatures so you pack your favorite WSU sweatshirt. Game day arrives and it is 75 degrees at kickoff. You know you'll sweat through your sweatshirt spending a day in the sun, but you packed way too light and your only t-shirt is yellow, ASU colors. Should you suffer through in the WSU sweatshirt or are you allowed to attend a WSU game in opposing team colors if you still cheer for the Cougs?

Michael: Take off the shirt and let your gut and moobs be exposed for everyone to see. You aren't ashamed of your body which has been carefully and artfully sculpted by years of excess eating and beer drinking. So what if those ASU co-eds are offended by your off-putting back hair or skin so white it actually reflects the sun's rays? You're just giving them a preview of what their husbands will look like in 15 years.

You take your shirt off, expose your man bosom to the world and say, "This is who I am, damnit. And I ain't changing for nobody."

Mark: First off, get better packing skills. I disagree with Michael here. If you go shirtless you are going to get sunburned. If you only packed one t-shirt on a trip to Arizona, I know you didn't bring any sunscreen. Sitting on a flight back from Tempe sunburnt sounds awful. I'd go sweatshirt all the way. Sure you might sweat enough to make turn that crimson a shade or two darker, but it's worth it. Roll up the sleeves, hell cut the sleeves off if you have to. I don't know if sleeveless hooded sweatshirts are a fashion style, but you make it a fashion style. And for the love of all that is holy, bring a spare t-shirt next time, rookie.

Fire away in the comments, send us questions to @CougCenter on Twitter, Facebook us, email us. Mail us a letter if you'd like. Rulings will be handed down later this week.