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CougCenter Player of the Week: Jordan Dascalo

Despite another nightmarish special teams performance, the WSU punter earned this week's honor.

WSU Athletics

Any time a team finds itself in a 31-0 hole midway through the second quarter, it isn't hard to realize that finding great individual performances among the wreckage could be a chore. It is a bit easier from a WSU perspective though, because while the team has won just two games, the statistics being put up by the skill players on offense almost always merit consideration. At the same time, the continued ineptitude on the defensive side often makes it easy to eliminate any contenders there. While Connor Halliday had another boatload of yards this week, CougCenter is going to recognize a guy who plays on, of all units, special teams.

2nd Runner-Up: Jamal Morrow

Morrow is putting together a nice freshman season. For the year, he's averaging 4.4 yards-per-carry and 7.7 yards-per-reception. The Arizona game was another solid, if not spectacular effort. He carried the ball eight times for 48 yards and caught 11 passes for 70. It has been written before, but the future at that position is pretty bright with he and Wicks, as long as they stay healthy. So please stay healthy, guys.

1st Runner-Up: Vince Mayle

Mayle led the team in both receptions and yards, catching a season-high 14 passes. He also saw duty on kick returns. While he is a great athlete capable of making explosive plays, I kind of wish he was sticking to receiver, mostly because I don't want to see him get hurt. Looking to the future, there is little limit to Mayle's potential. I have a feeling that he is going to blow up at his Pro Day, and hopefully he gets a combine invite. He has a great chance to impress the pro scouts with his size and speed.

Winner: Jordan Dascalo

While WSU's special teams has pretty much been a disaster this year, Dascalo has been very good at punter. He ranks 38th nationally and fifth in the conference in punting average at 42.8, and had a very solid game Saturday, averaging nearly 51 yards on four punts. His long was 53 yards, which tells you that he was also consistent, and he didn't have a Bowlin-esque shank followed by a 65-yarder. The 42.8 yard average is a pace that beats the freshman year averages of both Kyle Basler (41.1) and all-time Cougar great Reid Forrest (40.5).

Although punting is an important part of the game, I think we can all agree that none of us want Dascalo to break Forrest's record of 86(!!!) punts in 2009. Dascalo still has a ways to go if he wants to beat Forrest's 28 yards-per-carry average from 2008, however. Congratulations, Jordan. You are one of the few bright spots among a barren WSU special teams wasteland this season.