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WSU WR Tyler Baker has a pet wolf

You read that right

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

It's a bye week, so Washington State didn't have its usual press conference. However, Mike Leach was in Spokane for the typical luncheon on Monday, in which he typically breaks down a bit of film and talks to alumni about the state of the program. This, of course, means stories.

The best story to come out of the luncheon was as follows:

That's Tyler Baker of 1-1/2 touchdown (we're counting the one blown dead as a half) fame from this past weekend. He apparently picked up a pet wolf at some point, and the wolf isn't quite house broken. Baker and his wolf live with Gunnar Eklund, and it appears the wolf isn't quite housebroken as it tears up the apartment at times.*

*We're not sure it's a full-on wolf or a mix, but hey … wolf!