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The CougCenter Hour: Luke Falk impresses, interview with Steve Nugent

An incredible win Saturday in Corvallis followed by a great announcement for WSU soccer. We get to it all on the CougCenter Hour.

Well that was a lot of fun, wasn't it?

Preston EDIT: So...I made a pretty spectacular boo-boo and left my mic open during coach's pre-recorded interview when my wife and I were watching TV. Awesome. Good news is, all the answers I unknowingly talked over are available in the player below. And it sound really nice too!

And here is our interview with Brian Anderson about Falk's performance, plus the Dunderhead of the Week and Ask Michael Anything.

Remember when we were worried about who would be the quarterback in 2015? Apparently, we needn't worry anymore because if someone manages to beat out Luke Falk, then we've got a really fantastic problem on our hands. We'll talk about Falk's conference player of the week performance and then break it down a little more technically with Brian Anderson at 7:30.

In between though, the WSU women's soccer team clinched their fourth straight birth in the NCAA Tournament on Monday. We chat with head coach Steve Nugent about his team as they get ready for the Seattle Redhawks.

As always, we love it when you interact with us. We always need questions for Ask Michael Anything, our favorite segment, at the end of the show. Go on Twitter and use the hashtag #cougcenterhour so we see it. Or you can leave a question in the comments below.