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The CougCenter Hour: Ten down, two to go

There are just two games to go in the football season and the Cougs don't have anything to play for. Except beating the Huskies. So we got that goin' for us.

10 a.m. football? The hell is this, the NFL?

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I know other conferences have done the 11 a.m. local time start for years but it's just awful. Are my complaints louder because I work graveyards on weekends? Yeah, probably. But it's still insanely early.

With the early start, we'll see if WSU can come out of the gate hot or if they need a few drives to get going, which, against ASU's offense, isn't great news. We'll discuss what to expect from the team as they make their final road trip of the year to Tempe to take on the No. 13 Arizona State Sun Devils.

Then, we're going to talk basketball. Don't worry, it'll be fun though! Jeff Nusser and Kyle Sherwood are going to stop by for a roundtable on how low your expectations should probably be this season and if there's any hope for the future.

As always, we want your questions for Ask Michael Anything. Leave them on Twitter with the #cougcenterhour hashtag or put them in the comments below.