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Apple Cup 2014: It's time for Husky jokes

A staple for hate week in these parts: the best Husky jokes you can come up with.

Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier share a Husky joke
Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier share a Husky joke
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Where oh where to begin. There really are a lot of places we could go here. Do you want the filet mignon first or would the appetizer of oysters on the half shell suit you?

Steak first? I like your style. Why don't we just roll every single stereotype known to man about the University of Washington in to one YouTube video?

Boy, that checked all the boxes, didn't it? Lets have a contest though. Whoever can make it furthest through the video gets a fantastic prize: dinner on former UW head coach Steve Sarkisian at Joey's in Seattle. I hope you like Patron!

Then there's this:

Coming this April, it's The Dancin' Dawgs! Starring: that tall British dude, a Lorenzo Romar momentum technical, human cigar and pride of Monroe, Washington Brendan Sherrer and former Most Valuable Inmate of the King County Jail rec basketball league, Venoy Overton! I SMELL OSCAR!

Rather than letting them continue to embarrass themselves though (the 2008 football team did plenty of that), I'll just get straight down to some of my favorites:

-What do WSU and UW fans have in common? Neither went to UW.

-How many Husky sorority sisters does it take to change a light bulb? Two. One to hold the chardonnay and the other to call her "DAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDYYYYYYYYY, I need my light bulb changed."

-Chris Petersen has three potential first round picks on defense and he has lost more conference games this year than in his entire career at Boise State. Not really a joke, more of an observation.

Anyway, those are my favorites? What are yours?

Note: No jokes about Hope Solo and Jerramy Stevens or Amanda Knox.