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Watch Steve Gleason's inspirational pre-game speech from Apple Cup

The Apple Cup didn't turn out well for Washington State, but there was something bigger happening before and even during the game. It was Steve Gleason's day, and he was inducted in the Washington State University Athletics Hall of Fame between the first and second quarter, receiving a loud standing ovation from the crowd.

Before the game, though, Gleason spoke to the Cougars in the locker room, as he did three years ago before the Arizona State game. As he always does so well, Gleason delivered an inspiration message -- one that resonated players and coaches.

Gleason's pre-game speech was less about the task at hand and more about life and the lessons from football in general, as well as his battle with ALS. His wisdom and grace remain an inspiration to everyone that comes into contact with him.

You can watch the package put together by KREM's Darnay Tripp below. Also go read his longer piece on Gleason's weekend, which is very much worth the time.

Just one quick quote to point out:

"The experts might say my play clock is ticking, but I have no intention of fading away … I now have a calming sense of certainty. I plan to be here for decades."