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An in depth look at WSU's football roster following the 2014 season

The 2014 season is in the books, so let's break out the scholarship chart and see where things stand.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

With Washington State's 2014 football season complete, the attention turns to next year and how the Cougars stack up. That means a closer look at the recruiting class and depth chart. WSU played several freshman this season -- especially at corner -- which prompted some questions of who exactly played. I took it a step beyond that and updated our projected scholarship allocation, now with a fancier table.

A quick reminder that this is simply an educated guess and could be off by a player or two. It should be close, however. Don't focus too much on the position breakdowns, players move around the depth chart and WSU doesn't update the roster with every move. This is a rough guide of where things currently sit, but it's far from exact. Could some of those linebackers end up playing BUCK, absolutely.

It's almost a certainty that some players listed below will depart, including some scholarship players. We'll update again once the dust settles before signing day.

New scholly DEC14

Brett Bartolone and Isaac Dotson

There are always going to be minor discrepancies when working through this and the latest involve two players thought to be redshirting. Dotson and Bartolone, however, are both listed in official participation reports. Dotson is listed in three games, Nevada, Oregon State and Washington and is credited with two tackles against Nevada. Because it's multiple games, I took it as accurate and listed him as a true junior opposed to a redshirt sophomore. Bartolone is listed in only the Utah participation report, which I'm going to chalk up as an error made by a visiting Statcrew operator. Bartolone is listed as a redshirt junior, but could be a senior. Both statuses will be cleared up with the next WSU roster update.

2014 redshirts

The Cougars burned eight true freshman redshirts this season, including seven scholarship players. Four came in the secondary, including three well into the season. Walk on long snapper Joe Lang appeared in a couple of games late in the year with his first appearance coming at Oregon State.

Almost all of the redshirts were burned on defense with Calvin Green the only true freshman to play on offense. Here is a breakdown of who played and who didn't from the 2014 class.



Calvin Green

Zaire Andre

Kevin Griffin

Peyton Bender

Sulaiman Hameed

Andre Dillard

Frank Luvu

Brandon Evers

Patrick Porter

Kingston Fernandez

Marcellus Pippins

Keith Harrington

Dylan Hanser

Greg Hoyd

Joe Lang

Sean Krepsz

Jeff Farrar

Ngalu Tapa

Barry Ware

Chandler Leniu

Hercules Mata'afa

Nick Begg

Space for the 2015 recruiting class

The Cougars are in great shape to take a full 25-man recruiting class this cycle. Counting the 12 verbal commitments, WSU currently has an estimated 75 scholarships allocated for next season. That includes Deion Singleton and Kyrin Priester who signed financial aid papers and will enroll in January. Both could count toward the 2015 class, leaving 10 open scholarships for 12 open recruiting slots. It's a virtual lock at least a couple current player will depart, so WSU shouldn't have any issue taking a full class and will probably have room to spare.