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Is WSU out of the running for Austin Joyner?

Based on a recent tweet, it sure looks like it.

Once upon a time, four-star defensive back Austin Joyner was the jewel of WSU's 2015 recruiting class. But then defensive coordinator Mike Breske was fired and Joyner reopened his recruitment, which is usually bad news for the team to which the prospect was originally committed.

Joyner's dad insisted WSU would have a shot to re-recruit his son, but that chance appears to have passed:

Why is Joyner apparently having made his decision bad news?

First off, WSU still doesn't have a defensive coordinator, and if we take Joyner's dad at his word, that's a non-starter for his son. (Even though it doesn't seem to be a problem for seven other defensive players who have committed in the last two weeks.) Second, he had an official visit to WSU scheduled for later in January. No word on whether that's been canceled, but making your announcement before the staff gets one more pitch isn't usually a good sign.

This is reminiscent of the Marcus Griffin saga a year ago. Given the recent wave of commits, space in the class is shrinking. And while you'd generally make room for a kid like this, there's also an element of "get in, or get out" that can go on. The class already is loaded with guys in the secondary; reading the tea leaves, you wonder if both sides have already moved on.

At any rate, it sure looks like the Marysville-Pilchuck star will be choosing between UW and Boise State if he makes his announcement in early January.