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WSU and Pac-12 set to prosper thanks to College Football Playoffs

The schedule and matchups for the inaugural College Football Playoffs will be announced today and the Pac-12 is almost certainly going have an entrant (thanks Oregon!) which is great news for the Cougs and their conference.

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The new College Football Playoff is great news for everyone. Yes, it's one step closer to an actual playoff, but that's not what I'm talking about. Instead, I'll let Mr. Moos tell you what I'm talking about.

Moos making it rain

Last year, each of the 6 power conferences (RIP Big East, nice try American), got almost $28 million plus $6.3 million for each team in a BCS game, which is divided to the other teams in the conference as part of revenue sharing. This year, the base amount for the power 5 has skyrocketed to $50 million per conference, $6 million per school in the semi finals and an additional $2 million earmarked for travel expenses.

What does this mean? More money for everybody (as long as you're in a power 5 conference). Business Insider organized this information into a handy dandy chart:

Again, every conference includes includes an equal revenue share (except for the SEC which gives slightly more money to the schools in the playoff) so, obviously, the more schools that a conference has the less money each individual school gets.

A $4.7 million payout isn't too bad, especially when you compare it to last years BCS number of a little over $2.8 million (assuming only one Pac-12 school got in).

In a way, we can thank Arizona for getting blown out on Friday and giving us, and themselves, a $500,000 raise. Thanks Wildcats!


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I-D-A-H-O IDAHO IDAHO... Wait... What?

Like, how does that even happen? And how is it that the only penalty for changing the rules to a game is one technical foul?